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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My first podcast - Watir Podcast :)

The Watir podcast featuring me is finally done. Thanks to Zeljko Filipin for doing this wonderful podcast. Also thank you dude for making my voice sound nice and for a really good interview. I also like the music played at the beginning :).

We discussed a lot of stuff especially the open source projects I maintain as well the technologies I work on and about Chrome and flash watir. Sometimes my voice swings up and down may be because of internet or Skype service. Sorry for that :).

The podcast is hosted at There is a whole bunch of Watir podcasts available there.

For those interested in hearing you can download or play it here directly. Your comments are welcome. Please let me know your feedback.

icon for podpress  watir_podcast_20.mp3 [26:45m]: Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (41)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want to learn Agile Clean Code and Craftsmanship in a cool way?

Reading Lisa's post on Ten Principle's for Agile Testers, I found this really good site Agile in a flash, which gives you Agile, Clean Code and Craftsmanship principles as flash cards. There were around forty cards in that site as individual blog posts. I was going through them one by one and they were really good. I wanted to download each one of them to print and use the for my Agile training and as reference when I speak with others. But going through each one of them post by post is really difficult. I will write a mechanize script in time for that :) but before that I really found a cool way of reading all of them in one place.

If you have Firefox you can install a plugin called Cooliris. This plugin can be used to view pictures as well and it shows it in a really cool black back ground where you can scroll up and down in a Mac style. So when I did a mouse over on a card I got the cooliris icon on that asking me if I wanted to open it. I gave it a try and to my surprise it showed me all the Agile flash cards neatly arranged. Check the screenshot out :). Now I can use this as a way to show these card to people I speak or train.... You can't learn everything in Agile with this but it is a start. Go firefox and Cooliris :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

JWatir, A Watir on JRuby Experiment

Edited 20 March 2009

I have been seeing a lot of posts in Watir mailing list about JRuby support for Watir. I have always wanted this as I would like to use it with other Java libraries out there. The major stumbling block in making Watir with JRuby is the support for win32 ole support. And by the trend in which JRuby is developing, I don't think that this support is going to happen any time soon.

I found there are different ways to solve this problem. One was using something like Jacob to control COM components from Java or JRuby. But using Jacob I need to build everything ground up by myself. So the next natural choice was the consume the WebDriver's IE driver. I wrote a small wrapper around IE driver to expose that as Watir API and am calling it JWatir (Help from anyone who has better sense of naming libraries is welcome).

The code is available here in watir mailing list.The functionality is really small and supports only text field and button. There is a quirks in running the code. The webdriver's InternetExplorerDriver.dll, available inside webdriver-jobbie.jar needs to be extracted and somewhere in the system accessible path. Once the dll is placed, the test can be run...

The code is still at a very initial stage and mostly a kind of hack. It has practically no test coverage also except for the Google search example I have written. So no serious applications with JWatir for sometime except for developing it further :).

One more thing, I will also be moving it to GitHub soon. Any comments and views are welcome.

Thank you Simon and the webdriver team for creating a wonderful and solid webdriver API.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How is my blog and twitter coming along? Check this out

I had used Wordle to create the tag cloud of my blog some months back and posted it in my blog. Today I wanted to see if there is any change in that and how my blog evolved. So here are the tag clouds which were generated for my blog and twitter.

Twitter cloud -

Blog cloud -

See how Watir, Testing are highlighted :).Also the comparison of the tag clouds of my blog from previous to current one is interesting.So what is your tag cloud?